System open door ProfilDoors

System open door ProfilDoors


    Compact and elegant opening system that can be made with one or two door leaves. When opening each door leaf folds in half and presses against the wall. This system is a perfect solution for decorating dressing rooms, utility rooms or openings, where the classic type of opening is inconvenient.


    A door sliding along the wall is a well-known principle of door opening. The structure of the system can be with one and two wings, where the latter is made both inside and outside of a doorway. In the two-wing system, door leaves are on one line within the doorway, and each leaf, when opened, hides inside the wall.

  • BOOK

    It is an opening system, in which a door leaf is divided into two asymmetrical parts. When opening the door, its parts fold and move to one side. At the top of a doorway the "Book T1" mechanism is hidden, which provides a smooth opening of the door. From the X-Series, the system applies only to models 7X.


    The “Magic" system. The door sliding along the wall creates an effect of a ghost slipping through the air. All mechanical parts of the system are hidden in the door leaf and are not visible from any side. You see only an elegant stylish door, sliding along the guide profile, which is mounted above the doorway.


    An excellent alternative to classic swing doors. The mechanism of this system is designed so that a centre of a door leaf is pressed against one of the sides of a doorway, allowing you to open the door by pushing or pulling it.


    The structure of the door casing allows installing a door leaf flush with the wall without casing a doorway with trims, thus creating an effect of an invisible door, which can be enhanced if the wall contains the same colour or texture as the colour and texture of the wall. Only fittings and a thin edge, framing the door leaf, can help to see the door in your interior.


    Make your apartment special. For connoisseurs of vintage and industrial style, a door opening system with a brutal appearance and excellent technical characteristics.


    The hidden door system is one of the most relevant solutions in interior design today. Until recently, there was a restriction - doors could only be installed with outward opening. The new Invisible Reverse system is designed specifically to solve this problem - now the doors have the ability to open into the opening


    The Magic2 Uniq opening system provides all the technological advantages of the Magic system, as well as allows the system to be used with budget frame sheets of standard sizes. Thanks to the use of Magic2 Uniq, there is now no need to cut into the web. This sliding system allows you to completely hide the view of the sliding track, both with an open door and a closed door. The high-speed sliding system is equipped with shock absorbers that provide gentle braking both when opening and closing.


    DIVA AIR sliding opening system - new concept of sliding on the wall. New, aesthetically innovative design, developed in collaboration with a renowned Italian architectural firm. A minimum of visual stress, everything is simple and at the same time extremely elegant. The sliding guide, due to the absence of a cover, becomes part of the interior decor, giving it lightness and airiness.