The Company Profildoors. Production of interior and entrance doors

About us

APECS - NOVA d.o.o., a Western European subsidiary located in Ljubljana, presents 50 door models in its showroom in various designs, colors, surfaces, opening systems and special sizes.

PROFILDOORS, as a company headquartered in Moscow, has over 1200 employees and 2100 sales outlets worldwide. The production complex of the factory with an area of 30,000 square meters is equipped with the most modern production equipment. This enables the production of about 2500 doors per day.

Currently, 19 series are produced in various designs.

As a result, more than 150 door models have been created with 59 surfaces and various design elements. In addition, exclusive models are made to order according to customer requirements. Exclusive design elements are possible, such as genuine leather and stone surfaces. Since the beginning of 2000, interior doors have been produced using the latest production technologies, the latest technology, high quality building materials and a large number of innovations.

Thanks to high quality standards, cooperation with the world woodworking and raw materials industry, constant development of innovative solutions and a variety of door collections, colors and coatings, PROFILDOORS door factory today is a modern company with a sales network in Eastern Europe, the European Union, USA and other countries worldwide.

In collaboration with Munich-based Renolit, PROFILDOORS implements innovative technologies with exclusive designs for the production of glossy and matte surfaces